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This section features two of my favorite photography projects in my career. Photography is such an elegant mode of artistic expresson where vision, senses and light together to convey a message and a feeling.

Bliss Dance Company "Wholeness" Photo project

The Bliss Dance Company Wholeness Show was a pro-bono job that emerged out of friendship with the dancers. It was a very intimate and tough job due to the nature of the content. The goal was to take a series of photos that would be blown huge to be displayed on the gallery and stage walls during the dance show. Wholeness was a contemporary dance performance about women, their body image and the meaning of beauty. I still look at those pieces and am amazed that I was the one who shot them.

Bodyscapes 01 Bodyscapes 02 Bodyscapes 03 Bodyscapes 06 Bodyscapes 08
Bodyscapes 04 Bodyscapes 07 Bodyscapes 05

Punch Theatre Photo Shoot for Darkhorse Indiana

Punch theatre was a small experimental theatre troupe based out of UC Berkeley’s Theatre Arts Department. They had a few successful plays before they disbanded upon graduation. The photos in this set were taken as promotion pieces for their “Darkhorse Indiana” play, written by Eric Barry, one of the cast members. The play was very gritty and had a dark mood and we wanted the photos to reflect this fact. The photos were published in local news papers, as well as in posters, flyers and the company web site.

Darkhorse 01 Darkhorse 02 Darkhorse 03 Darkhorse 04
Darkhorse 05 Darkhorse 06 Darkhorse 07