3D Modeling and Texturing

This section features several 3D modeling and texturing projects. They were mainly done in Photoshop and Maya.

The Master Librarian Character Design - Maya, Photoshop, Watercolor
Character design and conceptualization is a hard process but when taken from idea to final product is very rewarding. In a way it's like giving birth. The Mater Librarian is one of the main characters in a video game concept called "Atonement" created for an Interactive Storytelling class. It's interesting how much work went into coming up with her back story that produced the final render. Launch Turntable Animation

Librarian 1 Librarian 2 Librarian 3 Librarian 4 Librarian 5 Librarian 6

Props for the Alchemist’s Lab - 3D Studio Max and Photoshop
This was a personal project that was done just for fun. I think those are the best because you have no creative constraints. I wanted to recreate some of the objects one would find in an alchemist’s lab. The end results were a few books, miscellaneous magic items and a chess set.

Librarian 1 Librarian 2 Librarian 3 Librarian 4

Mausoleum Room Game Level - Maya, Photoshop and Unreal Game Engine
The Mausoleum Room was a project done to learn how to use the Unreal game development engine and environment. The goal was to keep the polygon count low and the textures interesting. The toughest part was getting the measurements right to go from Maya to Underal engine, but in the end it worked out great.

Librarian 1 Librarian 2 Librarian 3 Librarian 4 Mausoleum mausoleum too